Along the sweep of the Seekonk riverbank between Fox Point and Butler Hospital lies a derelict section of shoreline, with crumbling riprap and a disintegrating shoreline. Stormwater runs directly from the road into the Seekonk, bearing sand and toxins and eroding the riverbank even further. With little lighting and infrequent supervision, the area has become a nexus of criminal activity. But we believe the area has amazing natural beauty and great potential. Our vision is to convert this area into a neighborhood park for the residents of our city.

That’s why we decided to form the Seekonk Riverbank Restoration Alliance. We are a community group dedicated to the improvement of the Seekonk River shoreline and its offshore waters. Our main objectives are restoring the riverbank to ecological health, creating recreational access to the water, and improving pedestrian and bicycle access.

To get involved, please contact us at seekonkriverbankalliance@gmail.com.

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